Michael Calbert

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Calbert has served as our Chairman of the Board since January 2016.  He joined the private equity firm KKR & Co. L.P. (“KKR”) in January 2000 and was directly involved with several KKR portfolio companies until his retirement in January 2014. Mr. Calbert led the Retail industry team within KKR’s Private Equity platform prior to his retirement and served as a consultant to KKR from his retirement until June 2015. Mr. Calbert joined Randall's Food Markets beginning in 1994 and served as the Chief Financial Officer from 1997 until it was sold in September 1999. Mr. Calbert also previously worked as a certified public accountant and consultant with Arthur Andersen Worldwide from 1985 to 1994, where his primary focus was the retail and consumer industry. Mr. Calbert has served as a director of AutoZone, Inc. since May 2019. He previously served as our Chairman of the Board from July 2007 until December 2008 and as our lead director from March 2013 until his re-appointment as our Chairman of the Board in January 2016. Mr. Calbert has been chosen to lead the executive sessions of our independent directors and our non-management directors.

Independent Director 
Chair of the Nominating & Governance Committee